Tractel Self-Retracting Lanyards,Tracpac, Two Arms, 7ft (2.1m)

Model: C0527Y/7E4
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ConstructionMaintenanceWarehouseWork at a height
ANSI A10.32-2012ANSI Z359.14-2012OSHA 1910OSHA 1926


  • Made of a shock absorber and a self-retracting lanyard. 
  • Designed to be used as a connecting device in a personal fall arrest system.
  • Allows freedom of movement in elevated areas, and eliminates tripping hazards and dangerous falls normally associated with fixed length lanyards. 
  • In case of a slip or a fall, an internal locking system immediately activates to arrest the fall. 
  • Free fall distance should not be greater than 6 ft. (1.8 m)
  • Improved responsive system that, in an event of a fall, allows the breaking system to function quickly (in less than 10 cm [4 in.] drop), thus reducing the distance of the fall. 
  • New spring system that improves unwinding without sticking (blocking) points during use. 
  • The purpose of the shock absorber is to lower the impact force experienced in a fall by dissipating the kinetic energy and controlling deceleration.
  • Breaking system
  • Lightweight, robust and resistant to impact, wear, abrasion and ageing
  • Housing made of ABS fiber-reinforced polyamide material 
  • High tenacity polyester
  • Capacity 310 lbs. (140 kg), one person
  • ANSI Z359.14-2012  
  • ANSI A10.32-2012  
  • OSHA 1926 et 1910
  • Warning : Always select an anchorage point that is capable of upporting a minimum load of 5,000 lbs. (22.2 kN)