Chain Sling Type Naming Code Explained

Basic chain sling configurations are often described using a 3 or 4 letter code, one letter for each item in the sling configuration. For instance, SSG describes a single leg chain sling with a sling hook on top and a grab hook at the bottom.

To make your life easier, we have prepared a visual cheat sheet of the 32 most common chain sling configurations with their codes. It is free to download and print!

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1. First Letter designates the number of legs or branches

  • S — Single leg (1 branch)
  • D — Double leg (2 branches)
  • T — Triple leg (3 branches)
  • Q — Quadruple leg (4 branches)

2. Second letter designates the fitting at the top of the chain sling

  • O — Oblong shaped master link
  • G — Grab hook
  • S — Sling hook with latch
  • SL — Self Locking Sling Hook

3. Third letter or group of letters designates the fitting at the bottom of each branch

  • S — Sling hook
  • G — Grab hook
  • SL — Self Locking Sling Hook
  • F — Foundry hook


If A precedes the group of letters, then a device to adjust the length has been added. The letter A stands for “Adjustable”. There are to styles of adjusters : Type A or Type B.

Download Cheat Sheet

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