Gloves Selection: Using Standards for Convective Cold Resistant Gloves Classification

Standard EN ISO 511:2006

Resistance to convective cold is based on the thermal insulation properties of a cold-resistant glove. The level obtained is based on the measurement of cold transfer by convection. Resistance to convective cold is rated from 0 to 4, level 4 being the highest level of protection.

Level Thermal Insulation (TR) in m2°C/W
1 0.10 ITR < 0.15
2 0.15 ITR < 0.22
3 0.22 ITR < 0.30
4 0.30 ITR
Did you know?

An EN 511 glove is above all a handling glove against the cold. Before undergoing the tests of the EN 511 standard, it must undergo the tests of the EN 388 standard. Indeed, it must be mechanically resistant to provide thermal protection against the cold. Thus, to be able to be standardized EN 511, each glove must achieve at least performance level 1 in the abrasion and tear resistance tests of standard EN 388. If these levels are not achieved, it will not be able to EN 511 standard. An EN 511 winter work glove must therefore also be EN 388 standard. Finally, we remind you that each work glove, regardless of its standards, must above all be EN 420 standard which is the common basic standard to all protective gloves for work. For additional information on the other standards relating to gloves, do not hesitate to consult the various articles on the blog of your work uniform distributor.

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