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Spring Loaded Series E or A Fitting, 1500lb

Model: FE8306-1
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    1. WLL
    2. 1500lb
    1. Weight
    2. 0.20lb
    1. Breaking Strength
    2. 4500lb
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Carbon SteelZinc


  • Should be used with belt mounting
  • Quickly snaps into place in most Series E or A Logistic Tracks
  • Offers a sturdy hold for your strap
  • To use to effectively secure your load
  • Heat-treated carbon steel
  • Anti-corrosive zinc plated end fitting equipped with a handy spring loaded trigger that makes it easier to insert into the track
  • Working Load Limit: 1500lb/680kg
  • Size of Webbing Used: 2"
  • Width of Webbing Slot: 2.03"
  • Weight: 0.22lb/0.10kg