Blocfor® Galvanized Wire Rope Self-Retracting Lifeline for Leading Edge

Model: RT50G/LE, RT100G/LE
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AerospaceConstructionMinesShipsWork at a height
ANSI Z359.14-2014CSACSA Z259.2.2-17OSHA



  • Very lightweight
  • Galvanized steel wire rope
  • Easy to handle
  • Tamper proof connector assembly including carabiner
  • Leading edge capability on certain models
  • Polyamide 6/ABS
  • Sleek and durable housings
  • Synchronized twin inertia-braking pawls
  • Constant triggering speed regardless of position
  • Impact-indicating snap hook
  • Rubber recoil bumper
  • Features two carrying handles that facilitate the transportation and installation of the device
  • Provides freedom of movement at various heights
  • Optional swivel at top recommended for horizontal applications
  • Capacity 310 lbs. (140 kg), one person


  • Synthetic case works with the frame to dissipate and absorb shock if dropped or struck by objects


  • Isolated drum keeps all brake components contaminate-free
  • All parts are corrosion resistant
  • Mechanical parts are not dependent on the integrity of the housing

Brake Mechanism

  • Twin stainless steel disc brakes with copper/alloy coil in the centre (all parts are anti-spark)
  • Twin inertia and speed-activated brake pawls are designed to activate and engage at the same time. This design compensates against gravitational effects when the block is used horizontally. As a result, the braking system of the blocfor® offers faster reaction


  • Features a carabiner-positioning washer
  • Rubber stop which is easy to take in hand and acts as a buffer when cable is accidentally released (high-speed recoil)
  • Reinforced plastic rope guide is designed for high wear resistance, low cost and easy maintenance
  • Swivel self-locking snap hook has a visual fall indicator to allow inspection before each use

Applicable Standards

  • CSA Z259.2.2-17
  • ANSI Z359.14-2014
  • OSHA